The UC Haiti Initiative (UCHI) is a global partnership for higher education that connects students, faculty, administrators and alumni from the University of California and the State University of Haiti to create educational, research and public service partnerships towards the development of Haiti.

* An Affiliated Student Initiative of the UC Global Health Institute
* 2012-13 recipient of the UC Office of the President’s Award for Excellence in Student Leadership


Dr. Belliot HUEH Resident Small  

Project Highlight: Training Haiti’s First Professor of Rheumatology

Haiti has a tremendous burden of arthritis, lupus, and other rheumatic diseases. Yet, there are only two rheumatologists for a population of over 10 million.

In comparison, UCLA alone has over 25 rheumatologists. Without access to a well-trained specialist, many patients with these conditions are misdiagnosed or remain untreated.

To address this problem, we’re partnering with the State University of Haiti Medical School and physicians at UCLA to train a new Haitian rheumatologist.

This talented young physician, Dr. Wilciane-Claire Belliot, will care for patients at Haiti’s busiest public teaching hospital. In addition to establishing Haiti’s first rheumatology clinic, Dr. Belliot will serve as a professor at the State University of Haiti’s School of Medicine, helping to train Haiti’s next generation of physicians.

To learn more, visit our project page here!