UC Berkeley

The UC Haiti Initiative @ UC Berkeley is the local chapter of UCHI’s unprecedented system-wide organization. Driven by UC students, faculty, researchers, administrators and supporters, together we continue to organize locally in the ongoing effort to leverage the diverse, passionate talents from across all ten UC campuses into a twinning model with the Université d’état d’Haïti (UEH), or State University of Haiti, to find real solutions to the poverty created and perpetuated by the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January of 2010. In response, this chapter is a call to action that has established a close connection between the student body, faculty and administrators to ensure that Haiti’s rebuilding and long-term goals are met through collaboration in higher education.

Over the past three years we have:

  • Participated in the annual Global Outreach Week, book drive, and forum for discussing “Sustainable International Development Approaches”
  • Submitted successful proposal in Big Ideas Contest  (2012)
  • Established and run our annual DeCal (Democratic Education @ Cal), a student-facilitated course that focuses approximately 30 students that enroll each quarter  complete coursework on “Rebuilding Haiti through a Multidisciplinary Approach.” The course is being offered again this year – for more information click here
  • Co-hosted a Berkeley Law School event, “The U.S. Double Standard on Elections in Latin America and the Caribbean” with The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and other organizations
  • Joined other UCHI chapters in system-wide fundraising push for an Emergency Backpack Program
  • Assisted in organizing system-wide efforts to set up UCHI’s Task Force on Training and Research, which formed to work with UEH leadership to establish long-term strategic plan for future collaborate projects
  • Support UCHI’s Thesis Mentorship program (in which a graduate student from the UC’s would be paired up with a State University of Haiti student to aid his/her thesis writing)

In concert with the other nine UCHI chapters, we collaborate with our Haitian colleagues to realize a shared vision for Haiti’s bright future; a vision in which we develop new ways of working together as global citizens on a university platform; a vision that has poor people and poor communities at its center that addresses the causes and consequences of the post-earthquake conditions that have created and perpetuated severe circumstances for the majority of Haiti’s proud and talented populace. Please join us.

For all inquires/further information, please contact:

Donna Kim, UCB Chapter Director