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  1. Affiliated Projects are those led and initiated by UC faculty who are affiliated with UCHI but do not serve in any managerial capacity of UCHI.
  2. Pilot projects allow UCHI to control and test for quality in preparation to scale

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Long-term Training/

Vocational Agricultural Education (VAE) Capacity Building Program (Affiliated)

Professor Cary Trexler (UC Davis)

Professor Steven Temple (UC Davis)


Update for April 2017 coming soon. 

UC Davis College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, International Programs Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development (MARNDR)

USD 750,000 over 3 years initial


Pediatrics Sub-Specialty Training

Dr. Anthony Philipps (UC Davis)

Dr. Douglas Gross (UC Davis)


March 2017 update: Focus was to establish hematology/oncology collaboration. Dr. Jo Chung traveled with Dr. Doug Gross.

Delivered lectures to HUEH staff and wider pediatrics community on sickle cell anemia, leukemia, bleeding disorders. HUEH pediatrics residents skills assessed pre/post showing improved knowledge on patient management. Team also delivered DirectRelief’s contributions to medications and supplies. Dr. Gross is establishing ongoing consultation system between HUEH and UC Davis for select patients.

Critical needs: hydroxyurea, pencillin V shortages

Hospital of the State University of Haiti, Department of Pediatrics, UC Davis, Department of Pediatrics, UC San Francisco, Department of Pediatrics



Rheumatology Clinician-Educator Training

Dr. Rebecca Gordon (formerly of UCLA)


The outpatient clinic at HUEH was established in April 2015 as a unit of the Department of Medicine. 

August 2016: The clinician-educator, Dr. Wilciane-Claire Belliot, completed the training under Dr. Gordon’s mentorship.

Future medicine overview

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (UEH FMP), Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH), UC Los Angeles, Division of Rheumatology


International League of Associations for Rheumatology (ILAR)



International Medical Corps Emergency Medical Care Development (Affiliated)

Dr. Ross Donaldson (UCLA)


IMC trained over 300 physicians and nurses at the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH) in emergency medicine techniques.

International Medical Corps, UC Los Angeles-Harbor General, Emergency Medicine

USD 1,560,000 over 2 years


Infectious Disease Microbiologist Training

Dr. Sanjay Mehta (UCSD)


Trained an internist from the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH) in medical microbiology lab management and analytic techniques.

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (UEH FMP), UC San Diego, Division of Infectious Diseases


Short-term Training/
Academic Partnerships

Research Twinning Program


For calendar year 2016
Work with up to 20 individuals from Haiti drawing from three areas: agronomy (UEH FAMV), clinical medicine (HUEH), and social sciences (UEH FASCH) to complete trainee-initiated research projects within each respective discipline. UC-based trainees and researchers would partner with UEH and HUEH trainees to further develop existing lines of research and fulfill thesis requirements for academic credit.

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (UEH FAMV), Faculty of Social Sciences (UEH FASCH); Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH), UC Los Angeles



Memoire/Thesis Mentorship Pilot


Paired 5 UEH agronomy “finissants” with UC graduate students. Four (4) of 5 agronomy “finissants” earned their degrees; pilot informed future expansion efforts, mainly to provide each collaborating pair with seed funds.

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (UEH FAMV), UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC Riverside



Haas School International Business Development 2014 Haiti Projects 

Professor Flavio Feferman (UC Berkeley)


Provided experiential consulting opportunities for 3 teams of MBA students from UC Berkeley; served client-driven needs in train-the-trainer program development (HELP), profitability strategy (SRS Haiti), and supply chain management (Acceso).

Link to team blog posts:

1. Team HELP
2. Team SRS Haiti
3. Team Acceso

UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP), SRS HaitiAcceso 



Emergency Medicine Training


Completed a training trip in Dec 2012 for 20 senior Haitian medical students in basic emergency medicine and surgical techniques.

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (UEH FMP)UC Davis, School of Medicine, UC San Francisco, School of Medicine

USD 15,000


Memoire/Thesis Mentorship in Integrated Pest Management


Hosted a Haitian agronomist to help him learn new biomedical research techniques, literature review methods, and formed partnerships which allowed for subsequent lab data analysis.

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (UEH FAMV)UC Davis, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences



Oral History Training (Affiliated)

Professor Robin Derby (UCLA)


Established partnership for oral history that enables joint research and global professional development opportunities.Trained 30 students

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Social Sciences (UEH FASCH)UC Los Angeles, Department of History



Essential Medicines Pricing, Availability Affordability


Surveying in August 2011. Key findings were low (under 40%) availability of generic medicines on the essential medicines list; prices were higher than international reference price and unaffordable for many common conditions.

Publication: Main paper

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (UEH FMP) UC San Francisco, School of Pharmacy

USD 65,000


Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Capacity


Main surveying from April 2012 – October 2012. Key findings were overconcentration of human resources in Port-au-Prince metro area and dramatic unavailability of infrastructure, human and material resources at public facilities compared to private and mixed sector facilities.

Publication: Main paper

Hospital of the State University of Haiti, Medical Director’s Office (HUEH)University Notre Dame of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (UNDH FMSS)UC San Francisco, Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Traumatology (UCSF IGOT)

USD 10,000

Project Descriptions

Project Name Description
Vocational Agricultural Education (VAE) Capacity Building Program (Affiliated) The Vocational Agricultural Education (VAE) Program aims to revitalize mid-level vocational agriculture EMA (ecoles moyennes agricoles) training schools through intensive training of school faculty and administrators in experiential learning, curriculum development, and school administration and finance. The Government of Haiti has determined that EMAs must be revitalized to train technicians, entrepreneurs, or extension workers who can offer their professional services to farms, businesses, or NGOs.Through a collaborative approach, VAE will assist the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development (MARNDR) in developing a new vision for EMAs featuring productive student farms for educational and commercial purposes and an internship program linked to local businesses, NGOs, and governmental organizations. This will be based on curricula that are informed by and responsive to local agricultural and human resources needs, producing graduates with training that is relevant to the communities and businesses they serve.A start-up faculty training program will produce and pilot a framework for curriculum, administrative systems, and M&E processes that serve as a model for future EMAs in the scale-up process. The candidate pool of EMA trainers will be formed in late 2013; they will be taught and supported by a large international network of mentors who will conduct trainings, perform site visits, and follow-up visits over the course of three (3) years starting October 2013. The project is funded by the US Department of Agriculture and involves UC Davis (lead institution via International Programs Office – IPO), Iowa State University, UC Santa Cruz. Leadership for the project involves UC Davis Plant Sciences Emeritus Professor and UCHI Co-Founder Steven TEMPLE, UEH alumnus and UCHI In-Country Director Nazaire ST. FORT, UC Davis alumna and IPO Project Manager Ms. Jessica SCHWEIGER, UC Davis Education Professor Cary TREXLER, and UC Davis Associate Dean James HILL.
Pediatrics Sub-Specialty Training Haiti has the highest infant and under-5 child mortality rate in the western hemisphere. The pediatric service at HUEH is the main pediatric referral center in the country, receiving complicated, seriously ill children whose families have limited ability to pay for care.The project aims to strengthen sub-specialty clinical care and training at HUEH’s pediatric service. This will involve periodic visits by UC pediatric sub-specialists who will work side by side with HUEH attendings, creating a sustainable partnership to improve pediatric care by supplementing the training of current and future Haitian pediatricians.

  • The first visit occurred in May 2013 by Dr. Kate MATTHAY, Chief of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at UC San Francisco. Most recent trip was by Dr. Jo CHUNG, of UC Davis Hematology/Oncology.
  • Core specialties and UC faculty has taken shape over past 4 years: heme-onc, radiology, nephrology, infectious diseases, neonatology, emergency room/point-of-care ultrasonography, cardiology.

Leadership involves Dr. Douglas GROSS (UC Davis Clinical Professor Pediatrics), Dr. Anthony PHILIPPS (UC Davis Clinical Professor Pediatrics and former Chair of Pediatrics), Dr. Jessy COLIMON (HUEH Chief of Pediatrics), Dr. Dodley SEVERE (HUEH Head of Neonatology).

Funding and Administrative Support:

  • Seed Funding: Linda KATEHI, UC Davis Chancellor and UC Davis Office of International Programs
  • Dr. Louis Franck TELEMAQUE, HUEH Medical Director
  • Dr. Gladys PROSPER, UEH former Dean of Medicine
  • Dr. Robin STEINHORN, UC Davis Chair of Pediatrics
  • Dr. Donna FERRIERO, UC San Francisco Chair of Pediatrics
Rheumatology Clinician-Educator Training Haiti currently has only two rheumatologist. One serves a remote Western part of the country, and the other serves a population of nearly 10 million from Petion-Ville.  Patients with rheumatic diseases usually present to orthopedic surgeons, who are not trained in the diagnosis and management of rheumatic conditions.  The goal will be to train one internal medicine senior resident or young physician to be the first Haitian-trained rheumatologist. The trainee will provide clinical services at HUEH and instruction at the UEH FMP. The project is intended to provide Haiti with one internal medicine physician capable of providing higher level of care to patients with rheumatic diseases and excellence in teaching medical students and residents.This project is spearheaded by UCHI’s Founding Executive Director and UCLA Rheumatologist, Dr Ami BEN-ARTZI, his colleague Dr. Rebecca GORDON, in collaboration with UEH FMP Vice-Dean Dr. Jude MILCE, the HUEH Director of Residency Programs Dr. Rodolphe MALEBRANCHE, and the HUEH Chief of Medicine Dr. Else CHALUMEAU. The trainee is Dr. Wilciane-Claire BELLIOT.

The project leadership thanks DirectRelief for programmatic support and medication donations and International League of Associations for Rheumatology (ILAR) for grant funding.

International Medical Corps Emergency Medical Care Development (Affiliated) Based on a proposal written by Dr. Ross Donaldson, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CHBF) endowed his initiative for Haiti with a $1.56 million grant to establish an emergency medical care system at the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH) in Port-au-Prince. This proposal addressed the need for emergency care and improved sustainability of health care institutions through higher education. By focusing on institutional partnership and capacity building, his efforts continued to have a cascading effect as medical scholars implement learned practices throughout the country. Although this program is finished, there may be extended goals to further develop the future generation of Haitian emergency medicine leaders in clinical sub-specialties.
Infectious Disease Microbiologist Training The project provided Dr. Evald CHERY, an internist, 6 months training in the field of Medical Microbiology with the eventual goals of instructing microbiology at UEH Medical School, and to set up and direct a clinical microbiology lab at UEH.  Dr. CHERY was supervised by Dr. Sanjay MEHTA (UCSD Infectious Disease) and Lab Director Dr. Sharon REED. Dr. Mehta is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSD School of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Disease. Dr CHERY undertook broad training in medical microbiology, including bacteriology, parasitology, and mycology and participated in specimen processing, handling, special projects in analysis and quality control.Management involved UCSD alumna, Ms Christine HA, UC Berkeley alumnus Carl NASH, and UCHI Executive Committee Chair Dr. Kenny PETTERSEN.
Research Twinning Program This program is a scale up of the pilot project “Memoire/Thesis Mentorship Pilot”. It aims to match up to 20 collaborators from Faculties of agronomy and social sciences at the State University of Haiti (UEH) and Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH). UC-based trainees will be driven by UCLA and other campuses where recruitment is successful. Implementation is scheduled for calendar year 2016. The desired outcome is for UEH trainees to complete their theses and officially earn degrees. A secondary outcome is publication of papers derived from these research projects in peer-reviewed journals.
This program will be led by Mr. Nazaire ST FORT (UC Haiti Initiative), Mr. Lefranc JOSEPH (UEH FASCH), Dr. Mackenson ST FORT (HUEH, UC Haiti Initiative), and Mr. Tu TRAN (UC Haiti Initiative). 
Memoire/Thesis Mentorship Pilot UCHI finished a pilot project involving 5 now alumni of the UEH Faculty of Agronomy (UEH FAMV); the UC mentors included Steven HALL (UC Berkeley), Arsenio NDEVE (UC Riverside), and Hannes WITTE (UC Riverside).

  • Working Pair/Distance Mentorship: A UEH “finissant” (all but thesis) was paired with at least one UC graduate/professional student or post-doctoral scholar; together, they are engaging in project/study design and methodology, sharing journal and electric resources, data analysis, specimen/sample analysis at a UC lab (where applicable), basic thesis editing, and presentation preparation.
  • These working pairs maintained a working relationship by telecommunications

This project was led by UEH FAMV alumna, Ms. Moustapha ANDOU, and UC Davis’s Mr. Jean-Yves MERILUS and UCLA’s Dr. Kathleen O’FLYNN. Participation by individual UC graduate student mentors were drawn from UC Berkeley

Haas School International Business Development 2014 Haiti Projects  During the spring and summer of 2014, three teams from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business worked in Haiti through the International Business Development (IBD) program. Mentored by Berkeley-Haas Professors, the teams had the privilege to work with three socially impactful institutions: HELP, SRS Haiti, and Acesso Peanut Enterprise.  These projects were identified in a collaborative effort between the UC Haiti Initiative, UC Berkeley current and former students, and Berkeley-Haas Faculty members Flavio FEFERMAN (UCHI Affiliated Faculty) and Kristiana RAUBE (IBD Executive Director) who traveled to Haiti in March 2014 and met with numerous organizations in Haiti.
Emergency Medicine Training This project was a collaborative effort between students and faculty at the University of California and the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH). This project was started by Haitian medical students who felt frustrated at their lack of emergency medical skills and disaster preparedness following the 2010 earthquake. A team of medical and nursing students at UC San Francisco and UC Davis have been working with the Haitian team since December 2011 to implement an emergency medical skills course for medical and nursing students at HUEH.The project team has formed partnerships with existing organizations providing emergency and disaster medicine training on the ground in Haiti, including International Medical Corps, Project HOPE, EMPACT, St John Ambulance (FAITH) and the University of Miami/Mev’s Hospital. A pilot training was successfully conducted from 15-22 of December 2012, which will inform scale-up for future trainings. The project management include a UEH FMP alumnus, Dr. Jhonson MARC, UC Davis medical student Ms. Sarah ASHLEY, and UCHI Executive Committee Chair/UCSF Medical Student Mr. Kenny PETTERSEN.
Memoire/Thesis Mentorship in Integrated Pest Management This was part of a larger demo plot guide project contracted by USAID WINNER to the NGO Sun Mountain, which sought the services of Vice-Dean Nicola CARVIL, Professor Steven TEMPLE (UC Davis), and agronomist Mr. Nazaire ST FORT (UEH FAMV). While at UC Davis, Mr. ST FORT gained experiential learning at to complete his memoire, and support from a UCD virologist in bean disease diagnostics using serological methodology. He accumulated a vast amount of knowledge from the library and work/demonstration meetings with 20 UC researchers specializing in the following areas of Pest Management: (1) Snail and slug management, (2) Seed quality, inspection, and maintenance, (3) Non-chemical insect management-3 faculty, (4) Pest and beneficial population monitoring, (5) Foliar, seed, and soil diseases-2 faculty, (6) Plant virus assessment and control strategies-2 faculty, (7) Integrated Sustainable Agriculture practices-many faculty, from diverse perspectives, (8) Stored grain pest management, (9) Extension education for IPM- several faculty, (10) Host Plant Resistance breeding for IPM programs, (11) Parasitic and Predatory nematode research-3 faculty.This pilot proved viable continuation of having Internships at UC for UEH “finissants” (those who have finished coursework and are working on their thesis/memoire).
Oral History Training (Affiliated) Professor Robin DERBY (UCLA) organized an oral history course co-taught by faculty at UCLA and UEH including historian Professor Watson DENIS (UEH FASCH) and supported by a joint LASA/Ford Foundation Special Projects grant in August, 2011, in which 30 students from UEH were trained in oral historical methodology. The students are now available for research assistance for visiting UC faculty who need trained interviewers in Port au Prince.UCHI hopes the course will provide the foundation of further academic partnerships and collaborations between the UC campuses and UEH, which will continue into the future and that could nurture further collaborative research, as well as colloquia on themes from the material we have collected, such as popular explanations for the earthquake, which would form an important counterpart to the UC medical team’s presence in Port-au-Prince
Essential Medicines Pricing, Availability Affordability Dr. Lisa BERO (Vice Chair of Research Clinical Pharmacy, UCSF) Dr. Harinder CHAHAL (UCHI), Dr. Dodley SEVERE (Head of Neonatology, HUEH), and Mr. Nazaire ST-FORT (UEH FAMV) have successfully finished a national study to inform strategy on the availability and affordability of essential medications. It recommends inclusion of essential medications into the national formulary and has paved the way for the University of California to work with the Haitian Government, PAHO, and key NGOs to tackle the issue of affordable medications and access. Subsequent working proposals include cross-training internships involving UEH and UC pharmacists and supply-chain management innovations. In May 2012, a national Essential Medications List was approved, using data from this study.For generic medicines, the availability in public, retail, non-profit and mixed sectors was 20%, 37%, 24% and 23% of medications, respectively.  Most of the available medicines were priced higher than the International Reference Price.  The lowest paid government worker would need 2.5 days’ wages to treat an adult respiratory infection with generic medicines from the public sector. For treatment of common conditions with originator brands (OB) purchased from a retail pharmacy, costs were between 1.4 (anaerobic bacterial infection) and 13.7 (hyperlipidemia) days’ wages, respectively.  Treatment of pediatric bacterial infections with the OB of ceftriaxone from a retail pharmacy would cost 24.6 days’ wages.  Prices in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua were frequently lower for comparable medications.
Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Capacity Burden of surgical conditions has been approximated at about 11% of measured DALYs. This burden is projected to rise globally (Haiti as well) with contributors such as increasing incidence of road traffic injuries, increasing prevalence of surgically-treatable cancer, on top of existing needs in maternal and child health, treating congenital malformations, and episodic unrest/natural disasters.The national survey used a WHO-developed Situation Analysis tool to assess essential surgical care capacity at 45 health facilities; the survey included 134 questions assessing infrastructure, human resources, 35 basic interventions, and 64 material items off the WHO emergency equipment and supplies for resuscitation list. Key findings were:

  1. Over concentration of human resources in Port-au-Prince metropolitan area (69% of surgeons treating at most 29.5-31% of patients).
  2. Under-resourced public facilities compared to private and mixed sector facilities (ie. Relative unavailability of anaesthesia machines, low ratio of full-time to part-time healthcare providers such as 1 full-time surgeon to 4.5 part-time surgeons in the public sector, relative uavailability of 11 of 35 interventions in public sector such as chest tube insertion, and relative unavailability of 58 material items.)

The project is currently in reporting; the key objective is supporting a Ministry of Health-led process for developing a specific standard for basic surgical care at public sector district hospitals, utilizing the WHO-recommended integrated management of emergency and essential surgical care (IMEESC) toolkit as a guide.

The project is led by 3 Co-PIs: Dr. Richard GOSSELIN (UCSF Orthopedics/UC Berkeley), Dr. Jacques PIERRE PIERRE (HUEH), and Dr. Jean Hugues HENRYS (UNDH Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). It is managed by Dr. Mackenson SAINT-FORT (HUEH) and Mr. Tu TRAN (UCHI).