About UCHI

The UC Haiti Initiative (UCHI) is a global partnership for higher education that connects students, faculty, administrators and alumni from the University of California and the State University of Haiti to create educational, research and public service partnerships towards the development of Haiti.


Guiding Principles

  • Peer-to-peer: We believe positive change begins with long-lasting, peer-to-peer relationships between Haitian and American colleagues.
    • Faculty Training program
  • Respect: Our work relies upon the needs communicated by our Haitian partners and acknowledges the challenges inherent to cross-cultural collaboration.
    • In-country director and regular communication with UEH
    • Pre-travel training
  • Accountability: We value continuous feedback and oversight from our advisors and supporters to prioritize resources.
    • Administrative oversight through the UCLA Center for World Health
    • Steering Committee
    • Affiliated Faculty
    • Monthly Projects and Programming report
  • Measurability: Our success is defined by impact we can demonstrate via empirical evaluations.
    • Pricing and Availability of Essential Medicines in Haiti project
    • Capacity of Emergency and Essential Surgical Care in Haiti project
  • Global citizenship: We believe future leaders in any discipline should be equipped with an understanding of the global community and skills that allow them to be agents of change.
    • UC electives
    • Film/documentary screenings
    • Speaker series
    • Debate project
  • Mutuality: Our collaboration reflects the reality that our colleagues in Haiti have as much to teach us as we do them.
    • Collaborative research
    • Faculty Training
    • Curriculum development


UC Haiti Initiative: from Cage Free on Vimeo.